Wednesday, November 02, 2005

November 2nd, 2005 Upload 2 (5,217 words out of 50,000)

She’s totally not feeling this guy that’s talking to her – he’s not even looking at her, what a fucking shmuck. Girl like this wants you to look at her. She wants you to notice what she’s trying to tell you, she wants you to see the signs, why else would she even be at a party like this dressed like a fucking 18-year-old. Who’s she with, anyway?

“Haven’t seen you at one of Cynthia’s parties before.”

Generic, I know, but these guys that come with elaborate pick-up lines and introductions honestly have no fucking idea what they’re doing. Do you know what woman want you to be? Stable. Not saying they want stability in their lives – those bitches are thankfully few and far between – but I am saying that they want to make sure the man (or woman) they’re fucking around with is stable. They don’t want some loon that can’t get it up in the bedroom, gets so embarrassed he ends up cutting her fucking throat so she won’t tell anyone. They don’t want someone that’s going to break down and cry in the middle of sex. They want someone efficient yet pleasing – someone who gets in, buys dinner, gets in, comes out and goes home. Calling the next day is an option – one I rarely take.

“That’s because I’ve never been to one.”

Smart-ass. I like a good smart-ass sometimes.

“What do you think so far?”

That smile – she knows I know. She’s a smart one – she knows how to play it. Or she’s really fucking horny.

“I think I’m going to refill my drink.”

Without a look. Without a look! This bitch is something else, who the fuck does she think she is? It’s an interesting situation, she obviously wants me to come after her, wants me to chase. But I think I got her figured out, already – this is a test. She wants me to chase because she wants to prove that I’m pussy – that’s not a good position to be in, you don’t ever want to prove you’re the thing a girl like this despises. With Fontay, yeah, you’re filth. This chick, she wants you to be better than she thought you were. She’s too obvious in her execution, too quick to walk away without any hints. If I go after her, yeah, I may be able to fuck her. If I play it cool, hang back, she’ll be hanging from my fucking ceiling for days if I wanted her to. Chicks like this, they think they’re so smart but they don’t know about their primal mind. You can’t overpower the primal mind, that shit is always behind every decision you make. For a dude, the primal mind tells you to hunt, find shelter and fuck. For a chick, the primal mind is all about nurturing – the chick’s primal mind wants to feel needed, wants to feel like the dude she’s nurturing would be shit without her. A chick that denies her primal mind like this chick is the easiest girl to play. All you gotta do is the opposite of what your primal mind tells you to do and her primal mind will fucking explode.

I’m supposed to hunt her. I’m supposed to throw her over the mini-bar and pound her pussy in front of all of these people. I’m supposed to feed off her flesh, find nourishment between the crevices of her massive fucking tits. And she’s expecting it, that’s why she walks away, this bitch has denied her primal mind for so long that it has secretly taken control of her actions, she thinks she’s acting on free will but she’s be driven by nothing but genetic memory or instinct or whatever some fucking biologist would call the thing that drives a woman to be nothing but a goddamn nurturer. And by ignoring her, by turning back to my Cadenhead Old Raj Gin and Tonic, I’m causing her primal mind to go fucking haywire. I can see her now, sneaking peaks over that goddamn J. Crew turtleneck she’s wearing, looking over the rim of those cum-on-me glasses, wondering why I don’t give a fuck about her womanly nurturing fucking spirit. Meanwhile I breathe in the saffron aroma coming from my glass and turn around, shoot her a glance...

Where’d she go?


Jacob said...

what's the sound of a man in jeans and a polo clapping his ass off?

You can't hear it, but I know what it sounds like from here.

Fucking great work Jason. You write about the characters world in a way that I completely forget why it is I have such contempt for the rich. Rather, you refreshingly expose the very reason why I hate them. Bravo!

11:14 AM  

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